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bga ir 6000 software 65

The first purpose of laptop computer is to do useful work. PC motherboards are powerful, often contain many circuits, each of which is a vulnerable. 1 Introduction A BGA rework station is an important rework tool in the repair of BGA chips. Applications of this tool include repair of BGA chips. Component replacement of a motherboard has become the principal means of repairing a motherboard of a laptop. This component replacement can be done in several ways, for example by using a removal assembly which retains the chips on a substrate while the underlying circuit board is removed. As BGA chips are relatively large, a solder removal tool may be preferred over the BGA rework station for these chips. A solder removal tool may be preferred because it makes use of the BGA rework station by providing a means for removing the chips from the substrate. In addition to the rework of BGA chips, the BGA rework station can be used in the rework of other surface-mount packages (SMP). In particular, an SMP rework station may be preferable to the traditional soldering station for SMP rework. 2 Existing Rework Systems 2.1 Chip Removal from a substrate 2.2 BGA rework station 2.2.1 IR6000 2.2.2 IR6500 2.3 BGA Rework Station Comparison 2.3.1 IR6000 2.3.2 IR6500 2.4 Conclusions 2.4.1 Comparison with other existing rework systems 2.4.2 Comparison with other existing rework stations 2.5 References 2.5.1 Related patents 2.5.2 Related articles D Chip removal from a substrate The chip removal from a substrate may be facilitated by using a heating element to soften solder balls attached to the chip. The heating element may be a thermal cutting tool or a thermal dispenser. When the tool or dispenser contacts the solder balls, the solder balls soften. A pressure exerted by the tool or dispenser may further soften the solder balls and assist the removal of the chip from the substrate. The heating element may be a thermal cutting tool, such as a diamond saw, which may cut the solder balls, or a thermal dispenser, such as an infrared rework station, which may soften the solder balls by infrared radiation. The tool may be used to remove the chip from the substrate. To remove the chip, the tool may be provided with a blade that passes over the chip and cuts a

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